Shandong Hengtong Power Co. Ltd., located in the beautiful international kite -- Shandong city in Weifang Province, is a large diesel engine manufacturing enterprises. Company South Road 309, west of highway and convenient transportation. Convenient transportation. The company has advancedproduction workshop, perfect assembly line, accurate detection means, advanced equipment, strong technical force, with engineering and technical backbone of more than ……


Shandong Hengtong Power Co. Ltd.
Service hotline: 400-006-1211
Tel: 0536-7696700
Fax number: 0536-7696800
Enterprise mailbox: hetopower@163.com
Company web site: www.sdchaiyouji.com
Company address: Weifang hi tech Development Zone, Shandong Street Health


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  • Diesel engine for air compressor
  • Diesel engine for loader
  • Hengtong generator
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  • Gas generating set
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  • Yuchai series generating sets
  • Water pump series unit
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