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    Principle of vehicle diesel engine:
    A simple process of diesel fuel delivery is the diesel oil pump to filter, filter into the fuel injection pump (in order to ensure adequate fuel and maintain certain pressure, fuel oil pump requires more than the requirement of fuel injection pump of the diesel engine to excess by low pressure pipe to the oil tank, the other part of diesel oil the injection pump is compressed to high pressure) through high-pressure tubing into direct injection injector into the combustion chamber of cylinder combustion pressure. Diesel engine cylinder by transmission with single cylinder and double cylinder, four cylinder, six cylinder, eight cylinder, 12 cylinder, cylinder and other dozens of years ago, people used to give up the kind of diesel vehicles, large volume, high noise, a bad smell of diesel image still remain in the memory of a lot of people. However, after decades of development, modern diesel engine has become a clean, energy saving power, is a feasible solution to the transitional technology. In Europe, diesel car sales have accounted for 40% of the total car sales, the U.S. market is also gradually increase the sales of diesel vehicles. In the structure, diesel engines and gasoline engines have the same structure, there are cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, valve, crank, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel, etc.. But the former with a compression ignition diesel fuel, the latter with the ignition of gasoline, a "pressure" a "light", is the fundamental difference between the two points.
    The gasoline engine fuel in the intake stroke and air mixture into the cylinder, and then ignited by the spark plug work; diesel fuel is near the end of the compression stroke is directly injected into the cylinder, in compressed air by compression ignition power.
    This difference causes the diesel engine to have its own characteristics in the fuel supply system. The fuel injection system of diesel engine consists of fuel injection pump, fuel injector, high pressure oil pipe and some auxiliary components.

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