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    Marine diesel
    Most of the ship's main engine is working under full load, sometimes running under variable load. Ships frequently in the turbulence in the navigation, so the marine diesel engine should be able to 15 degrees to 25 degrees in the vertical and horizontal tilt 15 degrees to 35 degrees under the conditions of reliable work. Most of the ship diesel engine (see engine), small power diesel engine is used only in the boat. Most of the two stroke low speed diesel engine, diesel engine for most of four stroke machine, and high speed diesel engine are both. The sweep gas form two stroke marine diesel engine has a scavenging air valve, DC sweep gas and opposed piston port scavenging. High power medium and low speed diesel engines are widely used in heavy oil as a fuel. Marine diesel engine in model development overall is relatively stable, a few years ago, mainly focused on the improvement of reliability models, this is because the development of turbocharged diesel engine, the intensity increased rapidly, especially after the oil crisis, reflected in the strong pursuit of lower economic fuel consumption rate and burning inferior fuel oil the target on the national environmental policy on diesel engine emission limits is harsh, increased NOx, SO2 and other harmful emissions is a byproduct of high strength and low-quality fuel oil, and these kinds of harmful gas emission content, marine diesel engine more than automobile diesel engine. Various diesel engine manufacturers are committed to the following common pursuit of a new type of diesel engine.

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