zh4105zdPower generation diesel engine

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    The basic structure of the diesel generating set is composed of diesel engine and generator, which is used as the power to drive the generator to generate electricity.
    The basic structure of diesel engine consists of cylinder, piston, cylinder head, intake valve, exhaust valve, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing and flywheel. Diesel engine diesel generator diesel engine is generally single cylinder or multi cylinder four stroke, I only talk about the basic working principle of single cylinder four stroke diesel engine: diesel engine starting by manpower or other power diesel engine crankshaft rotation so that the piston up and down reciprocating motion at the top of the cylinder closed in. Piston in the movement to complete the four stroke: intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and work (expansion) stroke and exhaust stroke. When the piston moves up and down, the intake valve opens, and the fresh air filtered by the air filter enters the air cylinder to complete the intake stroke. The piston is moving up and down, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, the air is compressed, the temperature and the pressure are increased, and the compression process is completed. The piston will arrive at the height of the injector to mix the filtered oil to spray into the combustion chamber with high temperature and high pressure air immediately self ignition, high pressure to push the piston form down work, promote the completion of the power stroke the crankshaft. After the work is finished, the piston moves up and down, the exhaust valve opens the exhaust and completes the exhaust stroke. Crankshaft rotation half turn. After a number of working cycles, diesel engine in the inertia of the flywheel gradually accelerated into the work.
    The diesel engine crank rotates and drives the generator to rotate to generate electricity.

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