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    Shandong diesel engine manufacturers "WD618 series marine diesel engine" detailed introduction
    WD618 series diesel engine based on WD615 series diesel engine with the international advanced level and improve power and increase the stroke of the marine engine has a large reserve of power, low fuel consumption, emissions, high reliability, simple operation, convenient maintenance etc.. Power range 180-275kW, speed range 1500-2150RPM, can be widely used in a variety of marine power.
    Structural advantages of marine diesel engine
    1 unique frame type main bearing structure, high rigidity, small vibration, low noise.
    2 a cylinder cover, facilitate vehicle maintenance, reduce maintenance costs.
    3 major parts and components from time to time global procurement, to achieve a high engine configuration.
    4 diesel engine accessories installed, air cooler, sea water heat exchanger, such as installed in the diesel engine, to facilitate the layout of the engine room.
    The cooling system of 5 diesel engine with double cycle cooling, internal circulation cooling of diesel engine with fresh water, circulating seawater through the sea and fresh water heat exchanger for fresh water cooling, improve the service life of the diesel engine.
    6 to improve the protection and control system, the monitor functions of the diesel engine, the engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature and pressure automatic measurement showed that when the diesel engine parameter overrun can automatically alarm and shutdown, optional remote control device.
    7 the water jacket exhaust pipe, keep the engine temperature low.
    8 supporting good adaptability, WD615C, WD618C series diesel engine flywheel, flywheel shell, diesel engine monitoring instrument, water exhaust pipe, seawater pump and other parts of the general. Diesel engine mounting dimensions, flywheel and flywheel housing dimensions are the same, to facilitate the matching and maintenance.
    9 crankshaft belt pulley at the front end of a reserved pulley groove and connecting flange, and connected to the power output device for outdoor use.
    fuel system
    1 diesel filter: filter paper core type double tube series, with oil-water separating function, improve the filtering effect;
    2 the injector adopts the porous small aperture, improves the physical and chemical quality.
    Intake and exhaust system
    1 the general structure of the exhaust pipe exterior bread with heat insulation material, reduce the cabin temperature. The outer is provided with a heat insulation chamber to improve the appearance quality and safety.
    2 water exhaust pipe are in an integral structure, the use of countercurrent cooling sea water exhaust pipe, reducing the temperature in the cabin;
    lubrication system
    The oil cooler is changed from the tube shell to the plate fin type, the cooling effect is good, and the oil temperature is reduced;
    electric control system
    Diesel engine monitor the operation of the diesel engine parameter automatic measurement shows that the parameter exceeds the limit alarm and shutdown.
    Marine diesel engine performance advantage
    Low fuel consumption: the minimum fuel consumption 198g/kW.h, the reasonable design of the fuel supply system to expand the operating range of the diesel engine.
    Low fuel consumption characteristic curve is smooth, can maintain the low fuel consumption in the common working condition speed range.
    Strong power: power reserves, the maximum output power up to 330kW, speed, speed, high speed.
    Low noise, low emission, low smoke, low noise: noise less than 108dB (A), emission can reach Europe II standard, smoke is less than 1.2Rb.

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